Bitcoin BTC to USDT rate forecast

Current BTC/USDT price forecast. Bitcoin price chart and current buy and sell signals and long-term Bitcoin valuation forecast

Bitcoin price change 24 hours price change BTC/USD

In the long term, the Bitcoin price may reach levels based on the chart

Bitcoin technical analysis
For BTC/USD technical analysis, we use data such as trend lines, technical indicators such as chop index, RSI, MACD, but above all, indicators and a unique methodology developed on the market, which gives the best effectiveness during real trading games. The presented bitcoin (BTC) valuation forecast is developed on the basis of these analyzes and trades.

Fundamental analysis of bitcoin

Fundamentally assessing Bitcoin, a number of data are taken into account, such as the number of available tokens in circulation, movements on the on-chain, market sentiment and indicators such as Bitcoin's dominance, which may have a key impact on the price increase in the medium and long term. long term

Trading on Bitcoin - BTC/USDT

Analysts (swing traders, day traders) technically analyze cryptocurrency rates. Based on the probability of the occurrence of increases or decreases, they present the valuation of Bitcoin (BTC USD) in a short period of time. Day traders usually close their position within one day. Swing trading within a few or a dozen days, rarely longer.

If the result of the analysis assumes with high probability that the price of Bitcoin will fall, then we play a short position for a decline, i.e. "sell"

If, however, the analysis shows that the price of Bitcoin may increase, we open a long position for increases, i.e. "buy".

Bitcoin trading takes place on cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading with leverage (with the so-called leverage) is the selection of time options, e.g. perceptual.
Thanks to trading with leverage, the amount of investment in Bitcoin can be increased x10, x20 or even more.

It should be borne in mind that playing on Bitcoin may lead to the account being zero, so you should responsibly assume the level of risk and profit. Therefore, the safest option is swing trading, i.e. medium-term investing.

Investing in Bitcoin - BTC/USDT

To start investing or trading in Bitcoin, simply open an account on one of the following cryptocurrency exchanges or through a crypto currency exchange office. However, we recommend choosing a BTC exchange.

Crypto exchanges where we trade